With the Year-Round Lettuce in your Backyard course, you can grow lettuce successfully and feed your family and friends.
Join growers who are serious about saving money and growing healthier food in their own backyard!
The Masterclass closes in 
  • You’ve never grown lettuce before and aren’t even sure if you know what the seed looks like
  •  Grow lettuce, but struggle with too much all at once or none at all
  •  You’ve had failure in the past  such as bitter lettuce, seeds not coming up, or bolting in the heat
  •  You only have a few hours a week to manage your garden
  • Want to start growing lettuce for friends, family and maybe even customers down the road
Lettuce is a super easy, nutritious crop and consistent production will have you feeding your family and community all year long.
Join The Year Round Lettuce in your Backyard Course today and get our step-by-step Instructions which takes you from “seed to plate” in 90 days or less! 

Ray was very patient and accommodating for a novice like myself. The Community are very supportive and patient with novices like myself and are available to answer any number of crucial questions when needed.

Ray's class gave me the confidence to feel that I could make a financially responsible and realistic decision to transition out of my current career and into farming.

Stephanie Spencer, Tennessee 

The 3 Steps to Lettuce Success..
Take the course and map your plan- dates, varieties, supplies, etc
Start growing lettuce, seed, plant, and grow  lettuce heads and saladmix
Harvest sweet, delicious heads of lettuce year round from your backyard with minimal work!
The Roadmap to a successful year-round lettuce system.
What’s in the course?
Eight modules that teach you step-by-step how to grow lettuce year-round in all climates. Whether you struggle with summer heat and humidity or winter cold and frigid winds, you’ll learn how to make this crop a profit center for you. Michael Kilpatrick comes on in several sections to share his northern lettuce plan that allowed them to produce lettuce year-round.


You get a proven roadmap for success with the LETTUCE BLUEPRINT. From the exact planning schedules, resource guides, to varieties, to weed control and cultural techniques - I've included everything you need to make sure you succeed! 


Discounts with key vendors- Negotiated discounts on key supplies, from BCS (5-10%), to Farmers friend, Paperpot.co (so good they won't let me show it) and more, I want you saving money! 


Unparalleled support for your questions. From our online community to our TEAM of experts, we’ll cover all your questions during the course.  

12 lessons teach you step-by-step how to grow lettuce year-round in all climates
The lessons cover the 6 key areas of growing lettuce. The course covers  planning and starting your transplants all the way through harvesting and season extension:

Planning and Varieties
Shift your mindset and learn how to lay out your lettuce plantings for a year-round lettuce system

I walk you through my favorite varieties and how they fit into your year-round lettuce plan.  
Soil Prep and Fertility
Set up your garden for the first time and/or improve your current garden area for superior production.

Learn how to start, prep, and amend your soil for great lettuce Production. We talk you through the best methods and tools to use.
Seed starting and Transplant Production
Starting great lettuce is KEY.

We walk you through seeding, germination, and transplant care systems that help you produce the perfect transplant.

learn exactly how to produce high-quality transplants that don’t die when you plant them outside!
Planting and Crop Care
We show how to set the transplants in the ground so they take off and start growing right away even in super hot conditions.

Make sure your transplants are taken care of while growing. From using shade to protect them, to cultivation and weed control, your transplants will be off to a great start with info from this course.

Harvest and Storage
Learn exactly how to efficiently cut and store lettuce so that it lasts 2+ weeks in your fridge. The time of day is actually very important!
Learn the tricks we use to keep producing a premium product - even though the hottest days in summer!
Season Extension
Continue growing lettuce during the coldest winters!

We're all about year-round lettuce growing, and so should you! We walk you through simple, cheap outside covers to higher levels of protection to weather any storm.

See different levels of protection and estimated payback of those structures.
Plus Resources and Support to help you start growing lettuce right away!
Supply and Resource List
A resource list with exactly where to get the best quality, most economical supplies. I have spent years and a lot of money trying all sorts of things and have put my favorite supplies in this list. We go over tools for seed starting, soil preparation, growing, and harvest.
Community Interaction
A private community hub to discuss your questions with other Backyard Lettuce growers and share your wins and tips! We find that there is so much value just from the community of committed lettuce growers.
BONUS: 2 Live Q&A's
 Ray will host 2 live Q+A sessions where you can submit your questions and get solid answers on your biggest challenges and hangups around lettuce and gardening.
Join The BACKYARD LETTUCE COURSE - Ideal for home gardeners or homesteaders
  •  All 12 step-by-step lessons
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  2 live Question and Answer sessions
  •  Searchable Supplies and Resource List
  •  Bonus: "profitable Year Round Lettuce Production workshop" recordings
The class closes Sunday, February 24th at Midnight Pacific. 
And in case we haven’t met yet...

Hey there, I’m Ray Tyler of Rosecreek Farms.
People often say I’m one of the foremost experts in year round lettuce production - but it wasn’t always that way.
In the summer of 2009 after being laid off from a really good job, we decided to pursue our farming hobby seriously. We had no capital to start with, but we had a vision.

Figuring out what to grow in our punishing, humid summers and markets was challenging. Farming insane hours with a tractor on 2 acres, chickens, laying hens, pigs, and even a few cows, it became a struggle to maintain a family of 6, keep track of animals and keep the Tennessee weed bank under control. And then early in the spring of 2015, our 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive, life threatening, stage 4 cancer. 
Life was in chaos.

And we needed a change.

In the fall of 2015, we made a leap of faith to sell our meat business, stop using a tractor, and farm using only one acre. We were certain focusing on just produce would allow us to master the lettuce crop in 2016. We had lettuce for sale every week that season! Thrilled to discover that we tripled our income on half the amount of land that year, we were excited and inspired to be heading in the right direction.

By focusing on creating better growing systems and changing our farm practices, we now have year round production and a near weed free farm.

Now our family is happy, healthy, and spends more time together - since I rarely work more than 8 hours a day in the field.

By developing systems which let us do MORE with LESS, we created a highly-profitable, low-stress farm which puts our family first.

In The Year-Round Lettuce in your Backyard course you’ll see how to do all this (and more) 
Get the BLUEPRINT  successful growers use to plan, grow, and eat lettuce YEAR-ROUND! 
  •  All 12 step-by-step lessons
  •  Private Facebook community 
  •  2 live Question and Answer sessions
  •  Searchable Supplies and Resource List
  •  Bonus: "profitable Year Round Lettuce Production workshop" recordings
The class closes Sunday, February 24th at Midnight Pacific. 
You might be wondering...
“Is it really possible to grow lettuce year round?”
No matter the weather - whether it's the hot south or freezing north - students produce lettuce 52 weeks a year.
There are farmers in Australia, Israel, India, UK, Canada, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Arizona... and many more.
"I've tried lettuce before but it didn't work, what makes this different?"
Even growers who’ve struggled with lettuce in the past (or are brand-new to lettuce) have success growing now.

► Nathan was stuck on germination, but after watching my video on starting seeds he has “nearly 100% germination without fail”

► Amber produced beautiful heads of lettuce, even during a month-long heat wave.

► Jeremy had his strongest starts ever - in the dead heat of summer.

► Dawson "used to raise transplants and put them in the ground to watch them die" but with the  processes he's learned he's getting great transplant results - and growth.

... and those are just a few examples.

Sidestep common pitfalls with The Lettuce Masterclass
… Just starting out?
Perfect time to take the course and get “a much better game plan”
Make good money and have customers coming back for more
Grow lettuce 52 weeks a year… EVEN during summer and winter!
This works even if you’re new to lettuce farming
Have Questions?  Here's some answers...
Will this system work for… the Bahamas? Alaska?
We have growers all over implementing the year round lettuce techniques to build consistency, extend, and systemize their lettuce. Follow the principles in your context for success. We show how we do it, but also emphasize the principles that allow you to have success in all environments
How long do I have access?
A very long time.  I'm here for the long haul and I want to make sure that you stay supported throughout your growing seasons.
What if I don’t like the course?
This is the system and principles that finally made our farm profitable and these techniques work. If you are not happy with the course within 14 days (½ the course) , email us at hello@lettuceclass.com for a full refund. 
Can I buy next week? Next month?
We only open the course a few times a year so that we can spend most of our time focusing on helping the students taking the course. 
How does it work?
As soon as you sign up you’ll be emailed your secure login to access the course dashboard. You’ll also receive a link to join our private Facebook group.

All you need is internet. All trainings, and bonuses are accessed through the private member area which you can access at your leisure anytime. You can also upgrade to our 
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