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Setup your Shopify farm store in 90 minutes or less using the exact settings and plugins that allow us to easily sell thousands each week without frustration

Shopify is a world-class, powerful platform, but we struggled for many hours to set up the different features and plugins to make it work for our farm delivery. Let us walk you step-by-step through the process.

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What does the course cover?

1. Getting setup with shopify for the first time

  • what plan you need
  • how to set up your custom domain
  • creating your different categories or collections
  • ​uploading your logo and designing your site 
  • ​how to accept payments through the site
  • ​the easy way to add products

2. Finding the right apps to make farm sales and delivery easy

  •  the app that allows for easy 50% faster checkout
  • ​the app that allows for easy order printing and a unified picklist
  • ​ the app that allows for easy shipping zones and home delivery 
  • ​ the other apps that we have installed in our site and why we use them

3. How we use shopify on our farm to sell thousands each week

  •  how we reach new customers each week about the store
  • ​the weekly flow of our online store system
  • ​how we pack the orders each week and then deliver them

Check out a quick walk-through of our shopify store!

The training is delivered through Growing Farmers© learning portal

  • Short lessons that get right to the point and only show you the setting you ACTUALLY NEED
  • Taught by farmers who are selling thousands of dollars through the system a week
  • Updated with new lessons coming as questions arise from our students
Limited Time Price
Lifetime access the course as well as all future updates
  • build a beautiful store that makes sales!
  • the apps we use to make it easy to use
  • taught by a farmer who is constantly updating their store!

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And in case we haven’t met yet...

Hey there, We're Ray & Ashley Tyler of Rosecreek Farms.
We farm in Selmer, Tennessee and sell products throughout western Tennessee.

In the summer of 2009 after being laid off from a really good job, we decided to pursue our farming hobby seriously. We had no capital to start with, but we had a vision.

By focusing on creating better growing systems and changing our farm practices, we now have year round production and a near weed free farm that supports my family and several employees.

Now our family is happy, healthy, and spends more time together - since I rarely work more than 8 hours a day in the field.

we sell our products through farmers markets, online stores, and grocery stores.

By developing systems which let us do MORE with LESS, we created a highly-profitable, low-stress farm which puts our family first.

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