You can grow and sell lettuce year-round, let us show you how...
Farmers are using the lettuce masterclass to build a profit generating flywheel that helps them maximize sales to the right customers and create a successful lettuce system in 90 days or less
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With The Lettuce Masterclass you can build a successful year-round lettuce production system
  • Are just starting out with lettuce production and don’t know where to start
  •  Grow lettuce, but struggle to have a consistent or year-round supply
  •  Feel you’re leaking time & money, or know your systems need fine-tuning
  •  Want to farm full-time but don’t have solid year-round income yet
  • Can grow lettuce, but can’t sell enough to make ends meet or experience farm freedom
Lettuce is the highly profitable, easy to sell crop that’s the centerpiece of many successful farms
Join The Lettuce Masterclass today and get our step-by-step Blueprint
which takes you from “seed to store” in 90 days or less! 

Integrating consistent year round lettuce production into your farm is one of the most effective ways to grow your customer base, sell to more restaurants, and create more freedom in your farm life. 
The Lettuce Masterclass
teaches you how
  • You'll get EVERYTHING you need to plan, consistently grow, and harvest and pack in a streamlined, consistent way that ensures success.
  • The course covers lettuce production from the hot, humid south, to the cold, snowy north. Learn how to prevent bolting even in the hottest, most humid conditions.
  • Learn how to woo the RIGHT accounts by telling your farm story, being food safety compliant, and producing a premium product.
  • Discover how to use a consistent lettuce production system to afford better team members, which gives you freedom in your business.
  • The Fast-track guide walks you through each modules highlights so you can get up and running quick, and then go back and watch the detailed lessons to get specifics.
The Lettuce Masterclass is a pre-recorded video/audio/transcript online training system that you have access to 24/7/365 for the lifetime of the course. 
The 4 Steps to Lettuce Success..
Take the course and map your plan- dates, varieties, customer leads, etc
Build your lettuce system- amend your soil, plant your lettuce, sell your lettuce
Tweak the system- systematize, hire employees, and lock in key customers.
Profit from the system- optimize and enjoy the your farm Freedom!
See what Lettuce Masterclass students say!
… Just starting out?
Perfect time to take the course and get “a much better game plan”
Make good money and have customers coming back for more
Grow lettuce 52 weeks a year… EVEN during summer and winter!
This works even if you’re new to lettuce farming
And in case we haven’t met yet...

Hey there, I’m Ray Tyler of Rosecreek Farms.
People often say I’m one of the foremost experts in profitable lettuce production - but it wasn’t always that way.
In the summer of 2009 after being laid off from a really good job, we decided to pursue our farming hobby seriously. We had no capital to start with, but we had a vision.

Figuring out what to grow in our punishing, humid summers and markets was challenging. Farming insane hours with a tractor on 2 acres, chickens, laying hens, pigs, and even a few cows, it became a struggle to maintain a family of 6, keep track of animals and keep the Tennessee weed bank under control. And then early in the spring of 2015, our 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive, life threatening, stage 4 cancer. 
Life was in chaos.

And we needed a change.

In the fall of 2015, we made a leap of faith to sell our meat business, stop using a tractor, and farm using only one acre. We were certain focusing on just produce would allow us to master the lettuce crop in 2016. We had lettuce for sale every week that season! Thrilled to discover that we tripled our income on half the amount of land that year, we were excited and inspired to be heading in the right direction.

By focusing on creating better growing systems and changing our farm practices, we now have year round production and a near weed free farm.

Now our family is happy, healthy, and spends more time together - since I rarely work more than 8 hours a day in the field.

By developing systems which let us do MORE with LESS, we created a highly-profitable, low-stress farm which puts our family first.

"I started farming to spend more time with my family and be on the land. Developing this system allows me to achieve true farm freedom and enjoy working with my family every day"
With all this experience I know
Why most farmers get stuck
Reason #1: You haven’t mastered production
I’ll say it - without the proper know-how, growing lettuce is tricky. If you’ve been crushed seeing your crops fail to transplant, bolt, or die with disease - you’re not the first. (Don’t even get me started on soil.)

But follow my simple system and you’ll grow lettuce 52 weeks a year, whether it’s sweltering or freezing… and even if you’ve never successfully grown lettuce before.

To have stable income, you MUST have a reliable crop. One customers know you’ll have - every day of the week.

Mastering production is key, and in The Lettuce Masterclass I guide you step-by-step from your first seed, to transplant, to cutting - and beyond.
Reason #2: You’re trying to be a full-time farmer a with “hobby farm” approach
This simple shift is the first step which takes your farm from ‘stressful and scattered’ to ‘streamlined and stable’.

Imagine having all your processes and systems in place so you knew exactly who was doing what, when. No more ‘forgetting’ to water, or transplanting and seeing things die, overproducing, or tossing good lettuce away.

And here’s a hint… you can’t do it alone. There’s NO WAY I’d ever be even 10% the success I am today if I did it all myself.

When you join The Lettuce Masterclass you get my entire ‘playbook’ with all the systems and process I use to grow and scale my farm, while having plenty of time for myself and my family.
Reason #3: You aren’t making profit
“Breaking even” doesn’t count. You and your family deserve better than that.

Plus, your community needs you to be profitable so you’re part of it for a long time to come! You feed the community, create jobs, supply grocery stores and restaurants… the list goes on. You owe it to everyone to step up and be successful.

Even if you can grow lettuce, it doesn’t help if you don’t know how to get in front of people who buy - consistently.
From now on, you don’t sell to just anyone. You might be thinking “Ray are you nuts? I’m happy to sell to anyone who gives me money!”

See. there are 2 kinds of customers…

Good customers - who buy on repeat, every week, at a premium, and are a joy to work with.

Bad customers - who buy willy-nilly, cancel orders, haggle bargain-basement prices, and freak out if there’s a bug in the mix.

From now on you ONLY work with good customers. Sound good? Great.

And I show you how to reach them. I share my exact marketing channels, how to build relationships, the way to get your lettuce on shelves of your favorite grocery and menu of the best restaurant in town - and a whole lot more.
Production, Process, Profit: the 3-step recipe to a successful farm
The “3 Ps” are baked right into the Blueprint, and in The Lettuce Masterclass you’ll see how to do all of this - step-by-step.
You might be wondering...
“Is it really possible to grow lettuce year round?”
No matter the weather - whether it's the hot south or freezing north - Masterclass students produce lettuce 52 weeks a year.
There are farmers in Australia, Israel, India, UK, Canada, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Arizona... and many more.

The ability to grow lettuce is more about the PROCESS than the ENVIRONMENT.
And I share all my processes in The Lettuce Masterclass.

Here's the big takeaway…

Consistent crop = consistent revenue.

When a farmer gets known for "always having lettuce" (and the BEST lettuce!) it means orders week after week.

Lettuce Masterclass farmers get premium weekly orders thanks to the quality and consistency of their product!
"I've tried lettuce before but it didn't work, what makes this different?"
Even farmers who’ve struggled with lettuce in the past (or are brand-new to lettuce) have success with The Lettuce Masterclass.

► Nathan was stuck on germination, but after watching my video on starting seeds he has “nearly 100% germination without fail”

► David started winter lettuce production by putting up his first cat tunnel (and it survived 65mph winds!)

► Sonia "officially loves the ease of cutting heads" and has mastered the washing and packing process... off to the market she goes.

► Amber produced beautiful heads of lettuce, even during a month-long heat wave.

► Jeremy had his strongest starts ever - in the dead heat of summer.

► Dawson "used to raise transplants and put them in the ground to watch them die" but with the Masterclass process he's getting great transplant results - and growth.
... and those are just a few examples.

See, I try to demystify the process of successful lettuce production with my simple, duplicatable system.

It's unlike anything you've seen before - and that's exactly why it works!
“Weather is so unpredictable, how will this help safeguard my farm from the extremes?”
I hear you.
To quote Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, last summer we had “Biblical-level floods” at Rosecreek Farms.

(You might’ve even seen the interview I did with Curtis sharing what we’ve done since to *fingers crossed* flood-proof our farm.)
7 MAJOR floods over the summer wiped out over $50,000 in “check is already in the bank” spoken for product.


A deep freeze in February destroyed $14,000 of contracted sales.

Just think for a minute what would happen to your farm if you lost over $64,000 in sales.

If you’re like many farmers, the very thought of it is crippling.

And while I’d rather have that money in the bank…

We STILL came out ahead further than most farms.

Rosecreek Farms took home a healthy income - after paying for supplies, my amazing team, repairs, seed, Uncle Sam - you name it.

That’s the power of having a highly-profitable, dependable system.

It’s insurance against ups-and-downs which inevitably come with doing the work you and I love.

So even when you have a “tough year” it’s STILL better than most farms in a “great year”.
“Can I really sell that much lettuce?“
Carrie asked herself the same thing.
Then she tried our farmers market tips and her answer was:

“YES!!! ... Every person who was a repeat customer got at LEAST 2 boxes... a few even more!”

Now she’s taking over one of the largest spots at the market.

Jared says "my winter sales have been incredible thanks to this course... Sold through my box of 400 clamshells already."

And then there’s Amber. She landed grocery store - that switched ALL their bulk greens to hers!

“Still kind of in shock at how much they want and the pricing they offered.”

Just that ONE account “changed everything for us.”

In The Lettuce Masterclass you get our entire process of how we get the right customers who order lettuce at a premium - every single week.
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